Week 1

This blog post will cover the materiel from week 1 of ART 170: Web Design 1.

The reading list for this week included:

The majority of this weeks assignments were Introductions, and the standard beginning of the semester assignment (Student Academic Policy, etc.), however we did begin to cover the history of HTML, opened p a WordPress blog (but you already knew that), and some nitty gritty of behind the scenes stuff like FTPs and file directories on servers.

I also began to get ahead on the Lynda videos for this class. The weren’t required for this week, but I’m teaching myself the Adobe suites for work, and so I’ve started to learn how to design websites inside of Photoshop, and realized that it would make coding so much easier than just using a pen on paper sketch. Especially since it gives you X and Y coordinates. 


2 responses to “Week 1

  1. Hi Haley
    Good for you, starting Lynda.com early. Photoshop has so much to learn. I understand what you are saying about using Photoshop to build webpages. But, for me, to get the initial ideas down, nothing beats pencil and paper.

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    • I agree. I always start out with pen and paper first, but if I’m going to code p the webpage then the PS step really helps that go so much quicker. Because Photoshop really helps when it comes to the specifics of coding the webpage. Especially since PS now has an option to “get CSS” where it will give me part of the code to make a webpage look like the PS mock up. Like drop shadows, rounded corners, etc. which are killer to get the same in the design process.


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